The Storytelling Leader

The Storytelling Leader – 3 hours
Today, more and more people are talking about how stories can be used to create change, build culture, disseminate learning, and capture knowledge. Thinkers like former World Bank vice president Stephen Denning are elevating the discourse with disciplined tomes like “The Leader’s Guide to Storytelling” and some organizations have revised their leadership competency models to include storytelling as a core capability. Utilizing the power of storytelling to inspire a sense of purpose and direction. In this workshop, David Hutchens enables leaders to explore how as narrators of stories within their own organizations they can comment on these stories and help people to make sense of them. They also explore the different types of story that can be told within an organization, look at story structure and begin to craft some stories that they can use in their own work.

Workshop Outcome
An improved ability to communicate and present key messages within your organization or to customers

David Hutchins