The Power of Visual Management

The Power of Visual Management
Visual management is a term often used in the manufacturing field to describe the Japanese 5S principles to lean manufacturing. It originated within Toyota. The 5S system has been used worldwide almost exclusively in manufacturing plants with the goal of creating an effective physical plant that simplifies the work environment, reduces waste and improves quality and safety. It has been enormously successful in this context.

Stewart Liff, co-author of Seeing is Believing: How the New Art of Visual Management Can Boost Performance Throughout Your Organization, will take participants through the fundamentals of a much more comprehensive approach to visual management, which helps reinforce your desired culture, connect employees to the mission and vision, share information, shape the outside world’s view of your organization, recruit top notch employees and help drive performance.

This workshop will teach you how the concept works, why it will help you improve your performance and culture, who is using it and how to implement it. This workshop is very interactive and experiential and will feature videos, a drawing/art lesson icebreaker, questions and answers, break out groups, etc. The attendees will also be given the opportunity to design office space.

Workshop Outcome
Learning practical skills to improve the performance and culture within teams and organizations

Stewart Liff