Sustaining Executive Performance

Sustaining Executive Performance – 3 hours

In a world where the bar is placed ever higher in our jobs, as well as in sports, an executive needs to have a minimum level of physical shape. Living and working in 2015 is harder than it was even five or 10 years ago and we need a physical advantage. Armed with brain-scanning tools and a sophisticated understanding of biochemistry, researchers are realizing that the mental effects of exercise are far more profound and complex than they once thought. During this workshop, Steven MacGregor asks leaders to examine how simple changes in their life styles can enable them to sustain higher levels of performance in many different aspects of their work. Most athletes follow the holy trinity of: exercise, a good diet and sleep. In this workshop leaders learn how to combine a better understanding of their own physical condition with following this same holy trinity.

Workshop Outcome
An increased awareness and recognition that lifestyle is critical to business performance

Steven MacGregor