Strategy Execution

Strategy Execution – 2 to 3 hours
While strategic planning remains a top concern, in our experience many organizations spend much less time understanding the organizational machine – the people and the processes – necessary to drive that strategy to results and how to ensure these are aligned, coordinated and agile. This becomes increasingly critical within complex matrix organizations. This workshop is typically preceded by a survey of the companies execution capabilities based on the main drivers of strategy execution. The results from this survey become a focus for discussion and exercises at different stages within the workshop. The key drivers of strategy execution explored during this workshop are:

Shared context: A common understanding of what matters (current priorities), why they matter (link to strategy), how the pieces fit together, and how the organization is doing right now (real-time measures of progress)

Hydraulics: Processes for managing performance commitments up and down the organization, across units, and outside the firm; and renegotiating these when circumstances change

Resource allocation: Processes to ensure financial and human resources are deployed to their best use

Culture: Corporate values support performance, collaboration, and adaptation

Distributed leaders: Managers in key positions throughout the organization who ensure alignment, coordination, and adaption at the local level

Top leaders: Senior leaders ensure alignment, coordination and adaption for the company as a whole

Dr. Rebecca Homkes is currently faculty at the London Business School (LBS) and its Executive Education program, where she is also co-directing a major research initiative on executing strategy for results in turbulent markets. Rebecca has also directed the joint McKinsey & Co/ CEP Global Management Matters project since 2007. Rebecca recently co-authored an article on strategy execution that was published in the Harvard Business Review and included in HBR’s 10 Must Reads for 2016.

Workshop Outcome
Understanding the key levers for a successful strategy execution
Understanding the role of distributed leaders

Dr Rebecca Homkes