Strategic Thinking

Strategic Thinking – 2 to 3 hours
This workshop provokes executives into exploring radical new possibilities that could result in the creation of new growth strategies, new product categories and services, game changing business models and the generation of significant new value for consumers, customers and the corporation. The program is designed to achieve the following objectives: Inspire imaginative managers to look beyond the obvious. Explore a broad range of possibilities within a given business condition. Identify significant opportunities within the existing market environment. Make informed decisions about the most promising paths to pursue to increase growth.

  • The practical difference between “thinking” and “thoughting”
  • Competitive Strategy – the courage to be different
  • 5 levels of Innovation
  • Breakthrough Thinking
  • Uncommon Sense and Common Nonsense
  • Leadership by “Nudging”

common-nonsenseDr Jules Goddard is a teacher, writer and consultant in the areas of business creativity, strategic thinking, corporate transformation. He is currently Research Fellow of the Management Innovation Lab (MLab) at London Business School. He is also a guest lecturer at INSEAD. Jules co-authored with Tony Eccles the acclaimed book “Uncommon Sense, Common Nonsense” which looks at why some organizations consistently out perform others. Many of the ideas and questions raised in this fascinating book form the basis for exercises and discussion that take place during this workshop

Workshop Outcome
Identify competitive differentiators

Dr Jules Godard