Standards and Expectations / Cadence

Standards and Expectations / Cadence

What Standards Create a High Performance Team?
What are your expectations of the team, person and position?

  • Why create and enforce standards?
  • Standards create cadence and stability
  • Excellence is directly related to discipline
  • What types of standards?
  • Conduct = employee behaviors
  • Activity = quantity and quality of functions
  • Performance = results
  • Why set standards and targets?
  • Focuses on defined activities to maximize territory or portfolio potential
  • Identifies shortfalls and leverages opportunities
  • Ensures understanding of activity requirements







What do I provide my staff?

Standards for establishing contacts, renewals, proposals, demos, trials, new
prospects per week, total prospects, bookings, revenue targets

  • How do I set standards?
  • Annually meet with all individuals to establish agreed-upon weekly activities
  • Review targets for establishment contacts, renewals, proposals, demos/trials,
    new prospects, total prospects, order/revenue targets



Convert unwritten expectations into written standards


Sales Manager Cadence Expectations

  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Annual




  • Provide framework for how performance will be managed and measured on a
    consistent basis
  • Avoid misunderstandings and personnel headaches
  • Clearly communicate your goals, expectations regarding work habits,
    behaviors and activities




Workshop Outcome
Focus on defined activities to maximize territory or portfolio potential
Identify shortfalls and leverages opportunities
Ensure understanding of activity requirements