Sales Planning

Sales Planning
Run our area as a business:

  • Maximizing our two assets: Companies/organizations and headcounts
  • Introduce two models for a different thinking on our accounts
  • Then put together a model matching our resources to the market



What is your market?

  • Existing
  • New
  • What are your products and services
  • Existing
  • New




Which KPI’s will be important to us to change the way that we work?

  • In your role as a manager what are your priorities?
  • During a week or month what are your most powerful activities or tasks to
    achieve your results or benchmarks?
  • Each manager develops a quarterly “playbook” where they consolidate their
    current calendar of events (forecast sessions, weekly one-on-ones, internal
    sessions, etc.) with their new actions (action plans). This playbook is a
    combination calendar and to-do list. The playbook is then approved by their
    manager and shared with their sales team.





Workshop Outcome
Aligns the 2nd line manager, manager and sales team. Uncovers discrepancies
between “good ideas” and actual behavior. Will flush out the inevitable conflicts
between the right way to do a process and the status quo/BUs/Execs.