Re-Imagining the boundaries of Business

Re-Imagining the boundaries of Business– 4 hours

Re-Imagining the Boundaries of your Business – George Gabor Burt

At a time when constant innovation is so vital to the success of every enterprise, Gabor George Burt offers leaders powerful, new insights on how to shape the future of their market space. As the creator of the Slingshot Framework, Gabor enables organizations to:

  • Re-imagine the boundaries of their current business.
  • Re-imagine the boundaries of the broader market space they occupy.

The Slingshot process empowers senior executives and their entire organization to continuously rethink and reinvent what they do. It provides the link between systematic creativity, high-impact strategic thinking and the critical imperative of staying relevant in a world driven by fiercely competitive innovation.

During this highly interactive workshop, Gabor engages participants in a provocative exploration of how to overstep self-imposed boundaries that limit the growth, impact, and relevance of their business. In this live virtual workshop, he distills the complexity of strategy formation into simple, intuitive steps that enable organizations to:

  • Shape the future of their market space 
  • Achieve strong customer loyalty, expanded relevance and sustained growth
  • Enable the systematic application of a key, underutilized resource: the collective creativity of leadership and staff

The Slingshot Framework makes use of intuitive, easy to apply concepts and tools centered around three core action drivers:

  • Identifying customer ‘Pain Points’ and turning them into ‘Points of Infatuation’, thereby transforming the weakest points of their experience into the strongest.
  • Continuously stretching the definition of what you do in order to discover new market spaces of expanded relevance and impact.
  • Embracing the ‘Innovation Shortcut’: Instead of outright invention, you can simply unlock powerful combinations of already existing components.

Gabor George Burt is widely recognized as the global authority on re-imagining boundaries and is the creator of the Slingshot Platform which enables organizations to overstep perceived limitations and to carve out successful new growth strategies. He is slingshotactively involved in running workshops and shaping strategy for a diverse group of international clients ranging from top multinationals & governments to start-ups & NGOs. Among numerous high profile appearances, Gabor gave the opening presentation at the World Marketing Forum, and was the architect and host of the Forum for Partnership in the Americas — a gathering of business and government leaders. In media, he hosted a national radio series in the U.S., writes articles for leading business publications, and is interviewed on major television, radio and newspaper networks.