Motivation and engagement

Motivation and engagement – 3 hours

The ability to engage and motivate is critical for people leadership. An empathic style of leadership that leads to emotional engagement is the key to unlocking discretionary effort and competitive advantage. The use of extrinsic motivators is insufficient and has potentially a negative impact. A workforce required to bring intelligence, innovation, ownership and accountability needs to be offered an environment that nourishes intrinsic motivators. To build and support such an environment, the leader is a relationship builder, a trusted advisor, an influencer and someone people are excited to work with and excited to support. Encourages participants to make a difference to the business by:

  • Leveraging clarity and understanding to tap into discretionary effort.
  • Moving away from extrinsic motivators and tapping into intrinsic motivators that generate enthusiasm, passion and dedication. 
  • Tapping into the desire for excellence, ownership and purpose and the opportunity of making a difference.
  • Building respect and trust rooted in a mind-set that sees extraordinary qualities and potential away from the need to control and direct.


Workshop Outcome
Understanding what really motivates people and causes maximum engagement

Dr Valerio Pascotto