Mindfulness workshop
Case studies and research have demonstrated the value of practicing mindfulness for stress reduction, general health and facilitating brain resilience. Furthermore, mindfulness has proven to impact the negativity bias of the brain complex-adaptive-learningand is conducive to insights, creativity and choosing better solutions.

This workshop explores with participants the conditions necessary for mindfulness, offers simple tools to practice and provides opportunities to apply learnings.

The first distinction introduced will address the default network of the brain, when and how it becomes active and how mindfulness can control the default network. Then participants will practice switching from daydreaming and rumination to purposeful awareness and focus.

The focal point tool will allow participant to create stop moments to increase purposeful attention while practicing non-judgmental awareness.

The workshop will also introduce how to use mindfulness to manage bias, to increase emotional intelligence, to harvest insight and invite novel solutions.

Simulation exercises using a case study will provide participants with the opportunity to explore, experiment and practice mindfulness.

The workshop will close with participants preparing individual action plans to transfer the insights, reflections and learning in day to day application.

Dr. Valerio Pascotto