Managing the Process of Change

Managing the Process of Change 3 to 4 hours

This program helps leaders develop their Change Leadership Capability and help them build an action plan for driving change with their teams. It specifically focuses on developing the leader’s ability to move through change and to understand where to focus their efforts in order to ensure successful implementation of change within their teams with higher levels of productivity. Participants will be able to discuss key challenges that leaders and organizations face in implementing change. Leaders will be presented with a model to guide the process of change through their organization. They will also be able to work on strategies, behaviors and their communication style that will help drive the change at each stage in this model and build an action plan for the same. Develop the ability to help people move through any change and create a positive interest in change within employees.

  • Improved ability to focus the efforts towards ensuring successful implementation and higher levels of productivity within a change environment
  • Opportunities to identify and align your personal perspective of the change with the organization’s need and develop your own personal Change Management Plan
  • Identify the strategies, behaviors and the communication style to drive change
  • Successfully take actions to drive change within own teams and direct reports
  • Develop an appropriate mindset to promote engagement with the intended change

Workshop Outcome
Learning a staged approach to guide your team through the process of change