Leading in a Virtual Environment

new_picLeading in a Virtual Environment  4 hours
An emotionally engaged and motivated team is a critical competitive advantage in a virtual world. The pathway to high performance teams requires bringing the heart to work and feeling excited about coming to work, excited about what the organization stands for and excited about working with the leaders, managers  and team members.

Distance, time zones, multiple reporting lines, organizational differences, cultural diversity and complex matrix structures are all part of the virtual leadership challenge.

During this workshop leaders explore how to establish a clear pathway to promoting and supporting a high performance virtual team by:

  • Setting courageous goals and reflecting on the power of going beyond SMART and PRISM to connect with the heart and creativity of team members
  • Increasing awareness of a high performance them mind-set and practicing a mind-set tool
  • Recognizing the impact self-interferences (saboteurs) have on effectiveness
  • Leveraging a trust formula to build strong virtual relationships
  • Using the ladder of interpretation tool to address behaviors and attitudes critical for high performance teams
  • Building an environment supportive of intrinsic motivators
  • Differentiating and practicing between an inquiry based communication style and an advocacy based communication style
  • Using the clarity formula to promote team commitment
  • Working with the three attributes of a high performance virtual team
  • Using intuition and the art of questioning
  • Moving away from telling, directing and lecturing to an influencing style that generates gratitude and appreciation

Through working in teams, individual reflections and role-play simulations participants are able to practice and develop attitudes, communication skills and behaviors critical to virtual leadership. This workshop is normally tailored to enable participants to take specific and concrete steps to apply the learning to support the organizations vision and objectives and address its current challenges and opportunities

Dr Valerio Pascotto is a leading innovator in the field of live virtual coaching and virtual experiential learning. He has a Doctoral Degree in Psychology from Pepperdine University and has taught at graduate and doctoral level. Together with noted author Tim Gallwey “The Inner Game of Work” he is the founder of IGEOS®. Valerio has over twenty years experience helping individuals and corporations reach their potential and maximize their productivity. He conducts seminars and develops programs for industry in the areas of technology driven rapid change, group integration, team building, leadership, goal setting, and work effectiveness.

Workshop Outcome
Learning a different mindset to take advantage of working in virtual teams and organizations
Dr Valerio Pascotto