Team Breakout sessions highlight 60-participant sessions

We’ve now been designing and delivering live virtual sessions for over 12 years. We get high ratings from participants for interactivity and engagement and we intend to keep bringing new ways that participants may have the most rich and exciting experience.

I noticed that on a recent series of live virtual Workshops with large groups – around 60 participants with many more speakers and observers – that once again the team activity got high notes in the feedback.

It would seem that when 2 to 5 people are working in a team breakout, they can see each other in webcams, speaking in a sub-conference among themselves, the sharing experience is very real. There is a sense of working towards a common outcome and then presenting this to the others in the bigger group that gives a shared sense of true collaboration. This happens in short team exericises (5 minutes) to longer ones (15 – 20 minutes).

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Last modified: December 21, 2017

Building a Customer Base with our Global Virtual Faculty

Illustra is aggressively building the common customer base with our Global Virtual Faculty by carrying out joint marketing activities to attract new customers, and to broaden depth and scope in current ones.

To our customers we are offering one hour free-of-charge Pilot Workshops whose purpose is to explore how the expertise in our Global Virtual Faculty can benefit these companies.

The themes for which we have produced the Pilot Workshops are:

Leader as Coach, Ambidextrous Organisation, Strategy Execution Through Uncertainty, Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Leader, GRIT and will soon be adding other themes.

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Last modified: November 23, 2017