Just in Time Training

A strategic high-speed virtual coaching intervention

The Issue

The HR department in a leading European automotive manufacturer with over 70,000 employees throughout the world became concerned that many first-level Managers were not providing effective feedback in the yearly employee Performance Evaluations. They could see that valuable opportunities to engage and motivate employees or to help them grow and develop were being wasted either through a lack of awareness and understanding or a lack of the appropriate skills.

The Challenges

The decisions and approvals that would enable the HR department to act on this situation were only taken 6 weeks before the most critical phase of the annual review process. So how was it going to be possible to enable over 500 managers located all around the world to develop the required understandings and behaviors in only 6 weeks?

Some experienced people in the HR department as well as participants and senior managers were skeptical that this type of training could be done effectively using live virtual workshops. They had only ever experienced soft skills training being delivered effectively in face-to-face training session. But having been impressed by a demonstration of the Illustra approach they decided to give it a try.

The Solution

After detailed research with the companies managers on the challenges they were encountering during Performance Evaluations Illustra produced a video simulation that utilized professional actors demonstrating different phases of a typical performance conversation within the company. This simulation formed the basis of a workshop that focused on developing the behaviors and skills that can enable more effective feedback. During demanding role-play exercises with the actors they had seen in the video participants practiced the use of tools that would enable them to address common performance issues, address employee concerns and increase motivation and engagement.

Illustra also handled all course enrollment and logistics for 25 virtual sessions, providing tracking documents to the L&D staff, including participant evaluations, attendance and feedback on each workshop. This was the first instance of live virtual training being rolled-out on such a large scale across this company

The Results

Within the demanding six-week schedule Illustra designed produced and delivered a highly interactive virtual workshop to over 500 managers around the world. Successfully enabling the company to achieve a qualitative leap in the value to the organization of the annual performance review process.

The workshop also opened the eyes of many people within the organization to potential of live virtual workshops to add a completely new dimension to the learning and development strategies of the company. Enabling rapid and powerful interventions on a global scale that can have a significant impact on business performance.

The participants’ feedback showed that on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being excellent, that this virtual Workshop scored an average of 4.13 in response to the questions “Was this useful to your job role”. The Illustra coaches were rated by the participants at an average of 4.45 out of 5 in response to the question “How would you rate the instructors”.

What Participants Say

“Very useful. I improved my approach to feedback and to building relationships with people working with me.”
”It is a good course, very useful for the feedback process.”
“It is very interesting to work online with people from different locations and roles. The group approach is very helpful as this is completely new type of training. It is helpful for the feedback planned next week. Thank you.”
“ I now feel I have a greater ability to make a real difference in the performance evaluation process”