– 6 Books for 2020.

Illustra is very proud to be able to work with the best thought leaders around the globe, not just in the top trending Leadership and Development topics, but also, we have great connections with the leading people in the areas of Sustainability, Digital Readiness, Social Selling and many other areas that can be useful building a successful organization.

We have teamed up with 6 of our faculty partners with recently released books, and through-out February and March, we will be sharing with you, insightful information about their work, offering you a complimentary copy of their books, giving you access to useful video material and as in the past, we will also be inviting you for a free workshop organized by Illustra on the topic of your choice.

So please look out for my upcoming posts and also follow our LinkedIn site to access many of our existing and new offers. Below you will find a short description of the books that we will be featuring in our next communications.

6 Books for 2020

Innovation: THE HUMAN EDGE – author Greg Orme
In his freshly published book ‘THE HUMAN EDGE’ our faculty partner, Greg Orme, an Innovation guru provides a helpful, funny and supportive shove in the right direction. He explores the skills you need, to survive and thrive in a world of artificial intelligence. He urges you to stop competing, and instead do things machines can’t. To become a more human, human. If you would like to find out more about Greg’s work, please follow him on LinkedIn.

Digital readiness: ARE YOU READY FOR TRANSFORMATION? – author Dr. Francis A. Granito (The Institute of Digital Transformation)
Illustra’s partner organization, the Institute for Digital Transformation helps organizations develop the next generation of transformational digital leaders who can transform their organizations for the digital era. The institute fellows are internationally recognized experts on digital leadership and transformation.

Sustainability: THE SUSTAINABILITY ROI WORKBOOK – author Bob Willard
“My “mission impossible” goal is that the global legions of sustainability champions are aware of, and can use, a version of the Sustainability ROI Workbook as their go-to business case tool, so that they can gain approval from their CEOs and CFOs to take action on pressing sustainability initiatives.”
At Illustra, we consider ourselves pioneers in the field of running live virtual workshops and have completed our own study on the beneficial impact of this approach on the carbon footprint of a company. We are currently working with a group of Sustainability experts on a workshop created specifically for HR, and one of the contributors to this workshop is Bob Willard.

Trust: THE TRUSTED EXECUTIVE – author John Blakey
“Trust in business leaders is at a low ebb; undermining performance, damaging relationships and destroying reputations. A new breed of executive will regain our trust by stepping up to a broader, braver role in the world and mastering nine essential trust-building habits. This book will give them the motivation, the method and the tools to succeed in this important challenge. If you want to be a leading light in the boardroom of tomorrow, then this is a book for you.”

People leadership: WHAT PHILOSOPHY CAN TEACH YOU ABOUT BEING A BETTER LEADER – authors Dr. Jules Goddard, Alison Reynolds, Dominic Houlder and David Giles Lewis.
When we formed our global virtual faculty in 2014, Dr Jules Goddard was among the first thought leaders who joined. Illustra and Jules has a long working history together, we have delivered hundreds of his workshops round the topic of his book ‘Uncommon Sense, Common Nonsense: Why Some Organizations Consistently Outperform Others’ about the topic of Strategy Execution. Jules have recently published his new book that he has co- authored with Alison Reynolds, Dominic Houlder and David Giles Lewis.

Workplace Happiness: LIFE… DONT MISS IT – author Gary Kunath
Gary is a workplace happiness keynote speaker that has lectured in the Executive Education and MBA Programs of Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, Miami University’s Farmer Business School, Emory University Business School and at Cornell University’s Johnson Graduate School of Management. The purpose of this book is to share with people of all ages the secrets to achieving a high life worth at any age. Life is too awesome to not be