If you could make meaningful progress on any specific long-term, difficult goal(s), what would it(they) be? What is the single most potent (and/or important) under-optimized opportunity you now face? What is the one current obstacle, that if surmounted (or harnessed) would lead to the biggest potential upside for your business? What is the most important, long-term goal you are tackling, that has been most frustrating and causes the most struggle? This workshop is led by Paul Stoltz. “Any worthwhile, let alone noteworthy, achievement is inherently tough. It takes considerable effort, energy, and sacrifice, usually over a significant period of time to make it happen - otherwise it’s not an achievement. In a word, it takes grit. Most of us want and need more grit, which begs the question, more of what, exactly? Four building blocks form and fuel your grit: Growth, nce, Instinct, and Tenacity. Here’s what you need to know about each to help you be more successful.

Workshop Outcome
Relate Growth, Resilience, Instinct and Tenacity to both individual and collective goals/challenges. Learn, and begin to master proven tools for measurably enhancing your GRIT performance and achieving your goals.

Paul Stoltz