Empowering Internal Trainers

Introducing trainers to a new world of live virtual training

Business Issue

The Learning & Development department had been delivering hundreds of live virtual classes (webinars) but had never been really satisfied with the end result. The format seems to work for simpler trainings where one subject matter expert delivers content to a large number of participants. But so far it had not proved to be effective for soft skills’ training that requires higher levels of coaching and interaction. Feedback from participants after many webinars was poor and participants were frequently expressing a preference for face-to-face training. The Learning & Development department wanted to experiment with new approaches to live virtual training that might prove to be capable of delivering a quality learning experience at the same time as delivering the cost and logistical benefits of virtual training.

The Challenges

  • Utilizing virtual training for the development of critical soft skills in a cost effective manner
  • Engaging with participants who have become skeptical about the effectiveness and value of live virtual training
  • Many of the companies trainers had so far not proved to very good at adapting to delivering live virtual sessions
  • Concerns about coaches and trainers having to adapt to working in a completely new virtual environment, particularly one that involved a more highly produced televisual approach to delivery
  • There was only a two week turnaround time from the initial conversation to the first delivery
  • Training budgets were small as they were entering the last part of their financial year.

The Solution

  • Illustra is unique in the way that it has brought together software engineers, instructional designers, expert coaches and high level production people to work together in multidiscipline teams. The end result is technologies, methodologies and production support systems that can deliver a far higher level of virtual learning experience.
  • Illustra worked closely with the clients trainers and subject matter experts to design a workshop that made maximum use of Illustra’s unique live virtual environment
  • In a very short period of time Illustra trained the clients internal coaches on how to get the maximum participant engagement and learning effectiveness during a live virtual session in the Illustra environment.
  • Illustra’s delivery team which included session producer, technical support and telephone support ensured that the clients coaches and trainers could focus on teaching and coaching without having to worry about dealing with the technological aspects of the session
  • Illustra came up with a budget that fell in line with the customers cost point and still fulfill all of the design and delivery requirements
  • Illustra managed all the administrative work such as invitations, participant tracking, the distribution of participant’s inputs and responses captured during the session and the responses from an online interactive participants feedback form that was completed immediately after the workshop

The Results

  • Illustra successfully delivered three sessions in one week, a pilot and two subsequent sessions. The two subsequent sessions each received participant feedback scores of 100% across all the evaluation criteria.
  • The coaches felt extremely comfortable working in the new environment and appreciative of the support provided to them by the Illustra delivery support teams throughout each session.
  • They have started working on more projects with Illustra and have invited Illustra to participate in their 2016 planning meetings.

What Participants Say

“Hands on and good exercises. Well done!”
“Awesome! Looking forward to using this in the future!”
“Overall, very good experience. The instructor was great! The content was excellent”
“Hands on and good exercises. Well done! “