Emotional Intelligent Leader

Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Leader – Fi Hills

Fi Hills is largely responsible for the development of Café Style training, a new approach to workforce learning and innovation that has been having a significant impact on many of the world’s leading organizations. Based on the latest understandings of neuroscience, Café Style learning modules and activities are enabling organizations to accelerate culture change, improve performance and increase employee engagement. The “Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Leader” program consists of five highly interactive 60-minute workshops that equip leaders with tools that have become essential for successful leadership in the twenty first century.

Me, Myself and My Thoughts –  Self- Awareness

The ability to lead and transform others begins with our openness to get to know ourselves. Developing self-awareness about our moods, emotions and drives, as well as our effect on others results in higher levels of resilience, self-confidence, and gives us the ability to make realistic self-assessments and develop a healthy, self-depreciating sense of humour. This virtual workshop provides leaders with the environment to explore and understand themselves and develop key skills and techniques to manage their thoughts and behaviour.

Leading for Trust and Collaboration – Social Awareness

Great leaders are socially aware and appreciate the problems that can be experienced by different communities. They celebrate difference and know how to harness the power of people’s skills and talents. These attributes make it easy for them to effectively lead change, create collaborative teams that can work together, sharing ideas and learning to develop an agile environment. During this workshop, they experience a number of Café Style activities and acquire the tools for creating collaborative teams.

Managing a Disruptive Environment – Self-Regulation

Managing in a disruptive environment is chaotic and can be highly stressful. Leaders who can manage well in disruption are able to control and redirect disruptive impulses, moods and emotions. They possess the propensity to suspend judgement, acting, rather than reacting to situations. Most of all, they tend to be highly optimistic and flexible, even in the face of failure. During this module, leaders experience a number of Café Style activities that will allow them to self-regulate and have the tools to help others do the same.

Creating Winning Relationships – Social Skills

Creating winning relationships requires the ability to find common ground and build rapport in diverse groups. Developing great social skills is key for all todays’ leaders. Proficiency in managing relationships and building networks, breaking down silos between departments is vital to create an agile, learning environment where people feel safe to create and innovate. During this module leaders experience a number of Café Style activities designed to develop their social skills, as well as taking away practical tools to develop their teams.

Inspiring and Motivating Others – Motivation

Inspiring and motivating others lies at the centre of great leadership of people. Leaders who can evoke passion in individuals and groups win the hearts and minds of their people, driving them to go beyond either money of status. These inspiring leaders have a propensity to pursue goals with energy. Their persistence and infective drive draws others to work together towards a shared organizational mission and values. During this module, leaders develop skills and tools to inspire and motivate individuals and groups through disruptive change.