The Ostrich Approach to Diversity. Although the image of an ostrich burying its head in the sand is based on myth rather than fact, it is the perfect icon to depict the many avoidance tactics we use to deal with difficult issues at work – including diversity? All the running, hiding and avoiding (i.e., the ostrich approach) won’t change what’s going on around us. We need to make a commitment to “pull our heads out of the sand” so that we can communicate more clearly and effectively with one another. The increasing diversity in the work force creates opportunities for team members to learn from each other and appreciate the differences each of us brings to the workplace. The leader plays a key role in promoting and supporting respect and responsibility within the work team. This session is designed to engage your heart, mind, and imagination – will focus on strategies and techniques for promoting and leading the diversity efforts in teams in their organizations. After participating in this session, the participants will be able to: Define terminology related to diversity and multiculturalism, Discuss the power of assumptions and biases and how they impact the workplace and describe the behaviors present in a work environment that supports diversity and promotes respect in the work team

Workshop Outcome

Enabling managers to protect, promote and drive the advantages gained from a diverse team / organization


Amy Tolbert