Collaborative Account Planning

Collaborative Account Planning
What are the barriers for your sales people in collaborating with customers? What are the consequences of not involving the customer in the creation and sign-off on the plan?


  • Assess your teams knowledge of their customers / partners executive KPI’s
  • Assess your teams knowledge of their customers / partners business initiatives
  • Assess their knowledge of the processes and functions that are impacted? (and the KPI’s to be used)
  • The Account Plan shows a solid understanding and deep analysis of the customer.
  • The customer’s main business priorities and KPI’s are fully understood by the account lead.
  • Innovation initiatives and activities are well planned based on customer’s business needs.
  • The plan was created collaboratively with the account team, was reviewed with the executive sponsor, was reviewed with key account stakeholders.





A framework for collaboration
Determine who to invite to this  session from the client side * The customer MUST see significant gains  for them in doing this session * Set expectations and outline the agenda for the day * Performance importance grid * List the blended customer initiatives and opportunities in priority order

Workshop Outcome
This is a program to help managers drive the creation of effective account planning with their people