Ambidexterity: Balancing exploitation and exploration

The Ambidextrous Organization – Dr Jens Maier

Digitization is on most organizations’ agendas. Now, rather than treating it as a technology challenge Jens Maier is putting a ‘leadership perspective’ to it. What are the issues most organizations face? Digitization is a given, the main question is: how to best transform the organization? Ambidexterity: how to balance evolution (exploitation) with revolution (exploration)? Cross-industry convergence: As industries converge, what role does your organization want to play: observer, participant, pivotal player?

Workshop 1: Ambidexterity: Balancing exploitation and exploration

  • 10 Types of Innovation applied to your own industry, exploitation and exploration opportunities identified

Workshop 2: Ambidexterity: Leadership Challenges

  • Structural vs. contextual ambidexterity
  • The role of ‘Orthodoxies’ – turning strong beliefs in an industry from obstacles into exploration opportunities

Workshop 3: Cross-Industry Convergence

  • Importance of cross-industry convergence – in the light of the organization’s digitization strategy
  • Generation of new business ideas using the ‘Future Deck’
  • Competition of best ideas


Jens Maier