Ambidexterity: Balancing exploitation and exploration

The Ambidextrous Organization – Dr Jens Maier

Dr Jens Maier

This is a video of Jens speaking about the Ambidextrous Organization

Quotes from participants from recent virtual Workshops from a large German multi-national company

Enthusiasm ! Very good experience !”, “GREAT TEAM !! IT’S NOT about TECHNOLOGY IT’S ABOUT LIFE…”,

“Insights on how to be ambidextrous in our everyday work”, “Lucky for the opportunity and the experience”, “Innovative experience that can provide value added at teamwork and in our daily routine !”, “Innovation thinking”, “Interesting experience team work”

Workshop description


  • 2 x 2h virtual Workshop sessions
  • For teams with up to 25 members

Workshop Details:

Workshop 1: Ambidexterity: Balancing Exploitation and Exploration (2 hours)

  • Business case for Ambidexterity
  • Ten types of innovation, applied to your own business
  • Exploitation and Exploration opportunities
  • Outcome:
    • Awareness of the topic
    • Analysis of innovation landscapes in specific markets of the corporation
    • Identification of innovation opportunities (ideas) beyond the traditional products/processes


Workshop 2: Ambidexterity Leadership Challenges (2 hours)

  • Structural vs. contextual Ambidexterity
  • The role of ‘Orthodoxies’ – turning strong beliefs in an industry from obstacles into exploration opportunities
  • Individual leadership challenges: developing individual competencies to develop organizational capabilities
  • Outcome:
    • Understanding of Leadership challenges associated with building organizational capabilities and developing individual competencies
    • Creation of a list of ‘exploration’ opportunities based on challenging existing industry orthodoxies

“The Ambidextrous Organization – Exploring the New While Exploiting the Now”, author Dr Jens Maier




Some reviews and comments about the book “The Ambidextrous Organization” –

“Jens does a masterful job of defining the ‘ambidextrous organization’. This book offers ideas with impact and can be useful in defining organizations as bundles of capabilities more than structure.”

Dave Ulrich, Rensis Likert Professor of Business, University of Michigan

“Jens Maier’s erudite and entertaining book explains how companies – and individuals – can use ‘both hands’ to exploit existing competitive advantages and explore new ones. It is a commendable blueprint for tomorrow’s corporate world.”

Prof. Eric Cornuel, Director General and CEO, EFMD

“For sustainable success, we need innovation. Jens Maier shows us in this impressive and comprehensible book how we as an organization can generate new ideas whilst simultaneously optimizing our core business.” Barbara Vollert, Vice President Sales Network Management and Development, Porsche AG

“This book offers practical insights for executives on how to frame the challenges and to develop solutions for both their organizations and their own leadership careers.” – Zeger Degraeve, Dean, Melbourne Business School

“This book provides a solid foundation for current and aspiring leaders to understand their current level of ambidextrousness and how to develop to the next levels.” – Ir. Mia Vanstraelen, Director, Human Resources, IBM

“Many company leaders want innovation and profitable growth without changing the way they’ve operated for years. Other leaders want to rapidly explore new business opportunities without nurturing established practices that ensure financial and operating stability. Jens Maier helps us see – in this insightful and accessible book – how to do bother in order to lead effectively.” – Jeff Semenchuk, Chief Innovation Officer, Hyatt Hotels Corporation